Lilac Atassi

"We like to have Lilac as our 10 years old daughter's piano teacher for few good reasons: she pays such loving attention to detail and she also bring a sense of    professionalism and grace to her job.Because of this, she makes it possible for our daughter to understand and perform better."

Marjan, Babak Nassirpour

"I have been taking lessons with Lilac for about four years and she has given me so much more than just the skills to play the piano.  She has given me a passion for music and has taught me to play with my heart instead of just with my hands.  I would recommend her for any student."

Sarah Badano

"I have been taking lessons with her since i was 4  years old  and I have improved a lot! She has made me want to become a pro at piano and play forever. If  you  reads this, please take lessons with her. She will  make you piano playing better."

Sabine Hovnanian